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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Balloons Decoration In Delhi

Gone are the days of flower decorations as today beautiful and colorful balloons are being counted as the key to classy events. Be it a baby shower, birthday, anniversary, or wedding party if you are thinking of enjoying some eye-catching Balloon decoration in Mumbai then Muraad Decorations is the name to count upon.

Citing the demand for flashy yet elegant Balloon decoration in Mumbai Muraad Decorations has evolved this field of decoration to a new height. You won’t believe it, but Muraad Decorations offers more than 20 balloon decoration ideas to satisfy everyone’s demand in Delhi. Also, they won't mind customizing something more unique and extravagant using balloons for your party.

Here you can get all kinds of balloons starting from Latex to LED balloons. For those who get confused with the variety available in balloons, we can give you a quick overview. 

  • Latex Balloons: This is the common type of balloons that inflate to an oval shape. They are made of recyclable latex. It usually is available in size from 9 inches to 18 inches. They do not need helium to get inflated.
  • Foil Balloons: Foil balloons also called Mylar balloons are a bit more expensive than latex balloons, but there is a reason for it. They are higher in quality, look as it gets a metallic finish, and is a lot more long-lasting.
  • Cloudbuster Balloons: Mainly referred as chloroprene balloons, these are made up of super high-quality latex. These repel the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and are around 10 times stronger than regular latex balloons.
  • LED Balloons: they are regular balloons with a string of multicolored LED light wrapped around it. The lights are usually powered by two AA batteries. They are inflated with helium or an air pump.

Birthday decoration in Delhi is like a cupcake for Muraad Decorations and let’s see why they are so promising in their business by taking a glimpse of their services. 

  • Car Dikki Decoration: Sounds romantic and innovative at the same time. You must have seen it in movies but Muraad Decorations has made it possible in real life. They will decorate your car dikki with balloons of your choice and anywhere you can surprise your loved one with it.
  • Chrome Balloons Decoration: Going with the trend Muraad Decorations incorporates Chrome balloons. They do look like metallic balloons but are a bit different. They can be inflated with air or neon gas. Unlike latex balloons, they are more durable.
  • Canopy Balloons Decoration: Another trend that is taking balloon decoration to a new height is the canopy decoration which has killed the typical balloon decoration themes. Here we use LED balloons which not only help in decorating but also elevate the lighting of the decoration.
  • Unicorn Theme: Not to forget the craze for unicorns amongst kids so we have a lot of ideas revolving around it. From using unicorn color balloons to stickers everything is just according to the theme.
  • Corporate Party Decoration: Here you can get some amazing ideas to accentuate your business party. Not to forget, here also we offer you a wide range of balloon decorations. 

So next time when you are looking for Wedding decorations in Delhi come to Muraad Decorations and see the magic with your eyes open!



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