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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Various Ways How Space Science Can Help India in Future

Aeronautics and space research has a huge impact on the economy and society of India. Space research can contribute to a country's growth in many ways. Nevertheless, it can encourage the students to learn space science. From helping the country manage the disasters to aiding in infrastructural development projects, space research and scientific innovations can prove helpful for the nation's future in many ways.
The space technology of the world has made significant progress in the last few years. The advancement of space research programs has also helped the economy of the world go boom. The Indian government has been encouraging space research programs for a long time.
India Science TV Channel
Nowadays, the growth of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) shows that India's constant effort in space research has helped the sector immensely. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has shown many positive impacts of the space research programs on the country's economic progress.
So, how can space research programs help the Indian government to deal with upcoming challenges? Find the answer to this question in the following section of this article.

1. Combating the Climate Change

Climate change has become a major concern for the world. India has many important coastal cities and towns. Climate change leads to the rise in water level, and thus coastal cities are in danger of going under the seawater after 40-50 years. In such a scenario, there will be a rise in poverty due to climate change. The refugee crisis will also rise with the advent of time.
Mentoring the impact of climate change on the ground level is important. ISRO uses advanced cameras from space satellites to monitor the coastal areas of India. As a result, the government can keep an eye on the climate change impacts on the country's coastal areas. Depending on the satellite images, the disaster management team can take appropriate actions.
Due to climate change, frequent storms and cyclones also occur in different parts of the country. Floods can cause loss of life if strict disaster management actions are not taken at the right time. Similarly, climate change leads to unusual rainfall, excessive cold, hot waves, and many other problems.
For managing all such disasters, satellite images prove to be crucial. The disaster management and rescue management teams access various places to protect people from danger using satellite images from the aeronautics and space research department. So, space research has a crucial impact on managing the country's natural disasters due to climate change.

2. Fast-track Infrastructure Projects

India is a growing country, and thus it keeps investing in the infrastructure. Various rural and remote areas need roads, water pipelines, drainage systems, and many other common infrastructural facilities. Managing such projects in remote regions is a difficult thing without satellite images.
The space research organisations provide satellite images to the infrastructural developing companies. Using those images, the companies can plan the works with precision. Proper planning helps the companies to fast-track the projects. At the same time, it enhances safety for the workers involved in the projects.

3. Space Science in Agriculture

Space science also has a positive impact on the agriculture sector of the country. A large number of rural people are still dependant on agricultural incomes. The agriculture sector is a major contributor to the GDP of the nation. Indian government tries to revolutionise the sector through technological implementations.
Space science can help the agricultural sector in many ways. First of all, space science can predict climate conditions accurately nowadays. What will be the climate condition after seven days? Satellite images can help humans understand the major developments of turbulences, cyclones, storms, and many more.
Predicting the climate accurately eventually helps the farmers to protect their grains and vegetation from floods and heavy rainfall. On the other hand, monitoring the changing weather condition also helps farmers sow the seeds at the right time. As a result, losses become minimal for the farmers.
Moreover, space science encourages the agriculture sector to produce innovative vegetables and food grains. For example, you may have heard about the deep space food challenge. The challenge shows that NASA considers different food options for space scientists in the future.

4. Defence and Security of the Country

The security of the country has become robust due to advancements in space research. Today, space research organisations provide satellite images and videos to defence organisations. The border protection forces can protect the borders from the invaders using these images and live footage.
Space images and videos are also essential for implementing artificial intelligence in security-related devices. For automating the security devices, the space research organisation's live footage and GPS mapping systems will prove effective.

5. Education Sector

Ancient Indian is known for many significant scientific developments. Today, the Indian education sector carries the legacy of the medieval period. With the success of ISRO, people find motivation in studying space science and research. You can check the NASA food challenge, as many Indians have participated in this challenge. Such wide participation of Indian students shows that parents encourage their kids to learn space science.
For such information on the space research sector of India, you can keep an eye on the India Science TV Channel.


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