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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Low Wastage Water Purifier with Livpure Smart

A lot of consumers ask about the wastage of water during the purification process, some even go on to assume that using an RO purifier is harmful to the environment. this is this is not true. Depending on the design of RO purifier low wastage of water, while some models have a very low wastage of water, while some models have no loss of water during filtration, all low wastage of water purifiers are designed to ensure that no water is wasted.

Water is a precious resource that needs to be treated with utmost importance. Our RO system uses only the minimum of water for purification, thereby conserving water and reducing wastage. The RO purifier produces 0-5 litre of wastage per day, which can easily go into watering indoor plants or gardens.

The Livpure Smart RO purifier is a revolution in water cleaning. Using its advanced technology, the purify water is 100% pure and free of any minerals or contaminants. What makes it unique is that it works with two separate units—the ionizer, which produces the hydroxyl ions, and the reverse-osmosis membrane unit. The high-tech membrane uses minimally filtered water to produce pure, clean water to cleanse the water. Livpure has minimal wastage of 35%.

Livpure has introduced the world's most technologically advanced RO purifiers. These are powered with advanced Technology that aims to give the highest water saving, distilled water quality, water filtration with high recovery rate and an efficient Water Softening range.

Livpure smart is the revolutionary new water purifier with waste water reduction technology that combines a high recovery rate of 70% which means a saving of up to 20000 litres of water in a year! The purifier comes with a free flow mineral cartridge that lets you add minerals back to the purified water & also acts as an exquisite taste enhancer. These innovative water purifiers will save you money and help to conserve precious resources. With a compact sleek design, our range of smart water purifiers looks great in any kitchen while using less space on your worktop.

Livpure Smart is an RO+UV+MF water purifier, which means it has a combination of three purification technologies: seven-stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) to remove impurities from the water, UV light to reduce the amount of microorganisms and remove any remaining impurities, and Microfiltration (MF) technology to ensure that the water that flows out is completely bacteria free. Its built-in essential mineral cartridge adds minerals like Calcium and Magnesium into the purified water to make it healthy, tasty and safe.

Livpure Smart is the pioneer water purifier company in India to introduce this technology in India. The reject water quality is high enough for most domestic purposes like floor cleaning, gardening watering etc., thus eliminating water wastage.

With Livpure Water Purifiers, you can now reduce water wastage and at the same time retain essential minerals in RO purified water. Conventional RO purifiers waste a lot of water during purification process. Unlike conventional RO that pushes back rejected water to the overhead tank, Livpure Water Purifiers push that rejected water into an underground collection tank. Result: Instead of wasting the rejected water, it gets diluted and reused as normal tap water for your household purpose. That's how we save Nature and give you great tasting RO purified water at the same time.



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