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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

How To Keep Your Dental Implant Hygienic And Clean?

Every year a lot of people undergo the procedure of dental implant and these people are nearly 5 lakhs. For supporting the replaced teeth, dental implants are very helpful. But how? Your jaw has natural bones and with those bones, a bond is made by these implants. If you will undergo this procedure then just like your natural teeth the replaced teeth will look and this is a great advantage of this procedure. Those people who want to keep their dental implants useful and good-looking need to clean them properly. Now I am going to describe how to keep your dental implant hygienic and clean.

1.Use a toothbrush having soft bristles – Some people think that for removing plaque and tartar, only a hard-bristled toothbrush is helpful. But it is not true. The reality is that it can hurt your gums. The soft-bristled toothbrush will do the same cleaning and without hurting you. For efficient removal of tooth bacteria, it will be much better to use an electric toothbrush. But it is necessary that this type of toothbrush is also soft-bristled.

2.Do flossing with the help of a water flosser – For disrupting and killing the oral bacteria, using a water flosser or a dental water irrigator will be a good idea. If even at a depth of 6mm the bacteria are present then for killing them this technique will definitely work. Peri-implantitis can occur because of the discarding of certain particles by the floss of several varieties. So, as compared to these flossers the water flossers are a preferred choice of a large number of dentists. Thus if you want to keep the hygiene of your mouth good and remove the germs and bacteria then use water flossers only.

3.Do brushing at least 2 times daily – During night time several mouth bacteria can develop. To kill them and avoid bad breath, you need to brush your teeth every morning. In the same way, plaque and bacteria can develop on your teeth during the daytime and to remove those bacteria you need to brush your teeth in the evening. If you want to keep your dental implant safe then you need to clean your teeth by removing the bacteria and particles of food. Thus, in the case of a dental implant, whenever you eat a meal, go for brushing your teeth.

4.Don’t drink alcohol and don’t smoke – To keep yourself physically fit you need to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. People having dental implants should neither drink alcohol nor smoke because 6 months’ time is needed for complete recovery of dental implants and if they drink or smoke in this period then this can be harmful to their oral health. After the procedure or dental implant, the healing process can take more time if you drink or smoke.

5.Do flossing of your teeth with a floss made for bridge and crown – For cleaning the dental implants you need to use specially designed floss known as crown and bridge floss. To clean the surface of the dental implant in a softer way, it has a fluffy center and its ends are made of nylon that are rigid too. In dental implants, the floss can insert easily because of the rigid ends. For stopping the growth of bacteria in your implant this technique is very helpful.

6.Use toothpaste that is less abrasive – The implants made of porcelain have a unique glaze. But this glaze can disappear because of the presence of certain agents like baking soda in your toothpaste. So, if you have an implant then use special toothpaste that does not affect the implant.

7.Clean your implant with a stimulator having a rubber tip – Your gumline and bridge can have certain food particles stuck in-between them. For removing these particles, you can use a stimulator having a rubber tip which is basically a part of a water flosser. This technique will remove all the bacteria and debris from your gums and teeth.

If I have to undergo a procedure of dental implant then I would like to visit the dentist near me. As per his direction, I will keep my gums and teeth clean so that there will be no effect on the implant. I will continue visiting there regularly till the procedure is completed.



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