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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Hot Dip Galvanised Steel Wire

Hot-dip galvanized wire belongs to the main galvanizing wire products. It is manufactured through a process that involves passing the wire through molten zinc that is heated at a tank temperature of 850 degrees Fahrenheit. This results in a layer of zinc coating the surface of the steel wire. This zinc coating provides corrosion resistance to the wire and increases the longevity of the product.

Common sizes of hot-dip galvanized are 8 gauge to 16 gauge. On the other hand, these hot dip galvanised steel wire is widely used for multiple purposes such as making handicrafts, woven wire mesh, form fence mesh, packaging products, and other daily uses.

More about Hot Dip Galvanization

The superior corrosion protection provided by hot dip galvanizing is the most important reason for zinc coating in specific. However, some other factors influence the appearance and use of galvanized steel.

Galvanized coatings are generally bright and shiny, but within a year they will wear down to a uniform dull gray appearance. The basic finishing requirements for galvanized coating are for it to be relatively smooth, continuous, and free of significant surface imperfections. Smoothness is an ambiguous term; The end use of the product should be the determining factor when establishing softness tolerances. The galvanized coating is continuous and provides optimal protection against corrosion.

Advantages of using Hot Dip Galvanised Steel wires

Lower initial cost. 

Hot dip galvanizing generally has the lowest initial cost compared to other commonly specified comparable protective coatings for steel. The cost of applying labor-intensive coatings, such as paint, has risen far more than the cost of factory-applied hot-dip galvanizing.

Lower maintenance cost in the long run. 

Even in cases where the initial cost of hot dip galvanizing is higher than alternative coatings, galvanizing is invariably more profitable, due to lower maintenance costs over a longer service life. Maintenance is even more expensive when structures are located in remote areas. Maintenance schedules also invariably have a negative impact on productivity.

Longer life. 

The life expectancy of hot-dip galvanized steel wires exceeds 50 years in most rural settings and between 10 and 30 years in most corrosive urban and coastal environments.

Environmental friendly. 

The coating is non-toxic and does not contain volatile substances.

Quick and Easy Usage

 Hot Dip Galvanised steel wires are soft and easy to bend. So they cpme in quite handy for weaving and tying applications.

Uniform protection.

Hot-dip galvanized steel wires are protected both internally and externally, including gaps, sharp corners, and areas that are inaccessible to the application of other coating methods. The coating is at least as thick on sharp corners and edges as it is on flat surfaces. Thickness, coating adhesion, and uniformity are characteristics of the process. No other coating applied to a structure or fabrication can provide similar uniform protection. 

There are many more advantages of using Hot Dip Galvanised Steel Wires. However, one has to keep in mind that while buying the wire, he should buy a wire that has a Uniform zinc costing throughout the surface. Otherwise, there is a chance of wear and tear while using it. So it is suggested that you buy only branded and quality assured wires such as Tata Wiron GI steel wires which are uniform throughout their length with high durability and tensile strength



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